About Us

We are a small team dedicated completely to ours guests needs. Which is why we propose a limited selection of exquisite apartments to cater our guests wishes.

Your first contact will be Stephanie and she will be in touch with you during the whole booking process. She will prepare your stay, give you advice and provide any other services you should require. Then Sol and her team will prepare your apartment, will organize your welcome basket and make sure everything is in order. Finally, on the day of your arrival,Stéphanie or Sol will personally meet you at the apartment to show you around and offer any advice you may require.

Our team

Stéphanie image


After more than 15 years abroad, she decided to come back to France and Paris where she was born. She really appreciates living in Montmartre close to most of Feels Like Home in Paris apartments, as she knows perfectly this famous area of Montmartre.

She is the company owner and takes care of the bookings, the check-in, check-out, manages the services proposed during your stay, coordinates with the apartment owners... So à bientôt à Paris!

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Sol and her team are here to prepare your stay and they care so much about how clean is the apartment that as soon as your enter your "home", you will be impressed by how clean it is! If FLHP has decided to work with Sol cleaning agency, it is also because every member of her team is conscientious and really cares about the guests stay and it makes the difference...