Les Salons des Outsiders

Salon des Outsiders

“an Outsider is a wine, whose taste is better than the label would lead us to believe”

Jean-Marc Quarin

What’s it all about…

France is a leader in wine and there is no doubt there is some amazing products. There is so much to choose from that the grand majority stick to the classic traditional house names and don’t have the chance to try the many many many more other houses. The Salon des Outsiders was created to showcase these wines that are not as known. This exposition is based on the taste of the wine not the name. It is now their third year and they have really organized a great program. 40 exhibitors from Bordeaux, Rhone, and even Chile will feature their wines for tastings as well as workshops. It is not just about tasting these wines but also about introducing a new way to look at wine that can be better appreciated in our current society.



What’s going on…

There will be workshops and tastings. The workshops will focus on this new look where they help the consumers understand the quality in the taste of wines, they will feature new ways of serving wine at a table and highlighting the wine when serving. A special treat in this year's salon is their addition of a fine food experience. They have organized a popup restaurant to pair their wines with an exceptional gastronomic tasting and have Guy Savoy and Clement Leroy enlisted as their chefs for the event. There will also be a special inaugural night a day before at famous restaurant “Chez Laurent”. Fabrice Leger, co-founder of the event, describes that, “Coming to this exhibition is a unique opportunity to get to know wines of incredible quality at prices that make drinking them sheer delight.”


When is it happening… 

The dates are November 20th to 21st at 8, Rue de Valois in the 1st arrondissement. Tickets are still available! They are different options to choose from depending on what you would like most.  They have individual 1-day and 2-day passes for those interested in tastings only. They have options to purchase for the workshops and for the fine food experiences according to your preferences. For those interested in going to the inaugural dinner there is also an option for this dinner plus an individual 2-day pass. Options to suit everyone. Check out their website for pricing and more practical information!

Don’t miss out on this unique experience to try something different and learn a bit more about France infamous wines! Stay with us and enjoy all of Paris has to offer while enjoying this grand event!