Theatre in Paris


An authentic night out in Paris

For our Guests… 

There is always something to do in Paris no matter what your preference of activity and we at Feels like Home in Paris are always trying to recommend to our viewers new places/activities/restaurants/etc… via our facebook page or through this blog and here’s our latest recommendation!



The theater is always exciting to go and see some classics or catch a new awe-inspiring play. Paris has a constant cycle of new and classic plays to be seen of all genres. Now we recommend to go catch a play and enjoy it but why not try enjoying with a unique experience? Our friends at Theatre in Paris have proposed just that, an authentic and truly original experience to see and appreciate a play. They offer the chance to see live french plays with english surtitles right above the stage that way you don’t have to worry about understanding french or not you can simply go and enjoy the show! What is surtitles you may say? Well, surtitles are just like subtitles except they are projected onto a screen above the venue so the live performance is translated as it happens. Talk about a unique experience of being to see local or classic plays and being able to fully understand!


Where & Who…

They have chosen several venues that host a variety of plays that will suit everyone’s preference. Currently they have 4 plays going on: Irma La Douce - a fabulous musical, The Lie - a comedy hosting amazing actors, Around the World in 80 days — the classic story comes to life in a hilarious comedy, and finally because everyone loves a love story there is Cyrano de Bergerac. There is options for all!


Special offer…

Because we liked their concept so much, Theatre in Paris has allowed us to offer our FLHP guests a special discount on the tickets! So be sure to book for your next visit with us in Paris your theatre tickets and catch amazing shows!