What to do on Sunday in Montmartre

Sunday can be a sad and lonely day. In a way this is the day we all expect after a long week and we just want to relax and as it comes (I do not know if you have the same feeling) but sometimes when I wake up on Sunday, I can feel down, not so cheerful if I did not plan anything....ah L'Etre humain (ah being a Human and its contradiction!).

I was born in Montmartre

So now I try to schedule things and as I live in Montmartre (and was born here), you know what...... I know less than other people! So thanks to my friends who come from all over France or from all over the world I can discover my own city!

Well, you already have your holydays rental in montmartre, and the first thing to do on Sunday morning in Montmartre is to walk to the market of the Martyrs street, it is fabulous to see all these products, feel the smells and chat with the people who have been entertaining this market for years. Then take a walk up and go to Place du Tertre to make your "portrait", meet artists who have been drawing portraits for more than 35 years (it is the only place in the world where 350 artists are gathered). What a nice souvenir to keep all your life.

Stop at La Maison Rose (2 rue de l'Abreuvoir) to have a coffee right behind the Sacré Coeur and in front of it you will see the Montmartre Museum. Then depending on the time, you can just go for brunch (every Parisian goes for brunch on Sunday now!), you have so many different places but one I would suggest in the summer is La Terrass Hôtel (12 rue Eugène De Maistre) : from April to September, you can simply enjoy the terrace on the roof...The View is just amazing. Sometimes it can take a while to get a table but it is worthy.

Vineyard or Cabaret

What to do after lunch? ...The Museum of Montmartre (12 rue Cortot), will explain the history of Montmartre, the way it was built, history of its artists....and you will be able to admire the famous "vignes de Montmartre" from there (the Montmartre vineyard).
What else after the Museum... Take the Montmartre train which goes from Moulin Rouge to Place du Tertre.

You can then have a break in the lawn in front of the Sacré Coeur admiring the view of Paris and then either have diner at home which what you have bought at the market in the morning or go to one of Montmartre restaurants like La Pomponnette opened and owned by the same family for more than 100 years (42 rue Lepic) or La Mascotte (52 rue des Abbesses) opened in 1889...You will meet famous and non famous people of the area.

Oldest Cabaret of Paris

And finally you will have a great time by going to The Lapin Agile, one of the oldest Cabaret of Paris still presenting "chansonniers" singing old French songs....It is like being in an old time specially in these narrow streets of Montmartre at night, you have the felling to be back at the beginning of the century...amazing.

I think that is a good way of spending a Sunday in Montmartre but there are still so many things that I could think of that I realize that another article will be necessary in the future! Ah Montmartre, a typical area of Paris not to be missed!