Best places for Halloween in Paris


Halloween in Paris

My Halloweens have been the U.S version where the grand majority of the community celebrate it. It is one of my Personal FAVORITE holidays because I love fall, and the colors it brings and the eeriness of the weather makes Halloween perfect to celebrate from all ages. However, the last couple of years that I have lived outside U.S version Halloween, you realize its not as common as you might think. Only in recent years has Halloween started being a trend worldwide not just France. Most see it as any other day and many children don’t dress up and ask for candy. Nonetheless, tides are changing and the U.S version is now reaching France. They are now many more activities to celebrate Halloween and many more people really getting into the spirit. While you still can’t find as many costume shops or as many pumpkins on the streets as I would like they are still several key attractions for all ages that can be done.


What to do…

So, what to do in Paris for this time. If you are a family and wish to celebrate a very unique Halloween, Disneyland Paris has just the activities for you! For an entire month Halloween enchants Disney with special characters and shows to get into the halloween spirit. This is a great option for those wishing to get a more U.S version of Halloween. For a much older crowd and more courageous they are several attractions of Paris that are naturally spooky and get you into Halloween spirit. Visiting attractions like the Catacombs and the hundreds of veryold cemeteries of Paris are the perfect option. These places may be truly haunted with hundreds of years of history resting here. Make sure to go really early or towards the end of their closing time so there’s less people and the spookiness is felt more! Another great option is to do a ghost tour  by a company called Mysteries of Paris. They offer evening walks around very scary monuments of Paris, this will be sure to give you a freight! Lastly for the bravest of them all there is a special offer going on right now with Airbnb, they are offering a chance to spend the night at the Catacombs. Imagine dining and then sleeping with skeletons surrounding you accompanying you for an entire night. The lucky and brave people who get to experience this will be the first ever to have done it. It is a special offer that is being offered by AirBnb so if your interested be sure to enter for a chance to win!

For those looking for a skeleton free sleep...

While sleeping with skeletons might sound tempting for some, this opportunity is only for a lucky few. If you aren’t amongst these brave souls or would like to have haunt free stay check out our apartmentsFeels like Home in Paris offers beautiful
apartments that will suit all your needs for this Halloween season. While it may not be filled with skeletons, our apartments will be sure to have some pumpkins and candy and maybe even a ghost.

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