Rentals in Paris

Rentals in Paris providing better alternatives to your classic hotel stay

Let's face it, traveling is expensive and when you have saved up and are ready to embark on your Paris holiday one of the most important decisions you will make is where to stay. Should you be in the city center with Eiffel Tower views? Should you choose to be in a quiet neighborhood with local markets and specialty shops? Should you stay in a swanky luxury hotel or a B&B or a vacation rentals in Paris? The answers to all these questions depends entirely on what sort of traveler you are.

Are you independent and liking to plan your on trip with a few trusty guide books and camera in tow? Are you someone who needs to be guided along your journey having every day planned for you so you don't have to worry about what comes next? Are you in for a short trip or coming for a longer relaxing exploration?

Why choose a rental in Paris? 

Paris has always been a major tourist destination and it is not about to change. However travelers are becoming more and more savvy as they learn that most Parisian hotel accommodations are pricey and small. This is why many people are turning to apartment rentals.

Think of the added freedom, the larger spaces and the amenities that can't be beat, from cable TV (with more than just CNN), wireless internet access (some apartments with computers for your use) at no extra cost. Fully equipped kitchens and inside tips on making your trip that more enjoyable. What you get for what you pay varies greatly in the vacation rental world and it really helps to have a clear idea of your needs and to know what you may or may not be willing to compromise on.

Travel the world renting apartments

When I discovered that you could travel the world renting apartments, I thought wow, "where have I been all this time?" I mean it is nice to splurge sometimes for a hotel but we've all slept in rooms that were simply laughable, on beds that were harder, lumpier or noisier that most beds you have ever known, so why fork over all that cash and get little in return.

Live like a local

Live like a local and really have something to write home about. So, yeah I am advertising here so of course I am going to toot my own horn, but I guarantee you will enjoy your stay.

Paris is a city worth exploring over and over again. Its many neighborhoods beg you to glide through its streets and take in the local atmosphere.

Rental in Paris can be a scary

Shedding your inhibitions and opting for a rental in Paris can be a scary thought. What if it's a scam? Trusting an unknown person with your hard earned money in a foreign country is definitely top on my list of scary travel whoas. But doing your research is important. You want to be quick to get the property of your dream but so many forums exist now and many companies are taking the time to ensure their "brand" is regarded positively. We take this stuff seriously so, so should you!

If you have doubts about a price, a listing or anything else concerning a rental property you are looking at, do your research. Guest reviews are important, company reviews as well. Pick up the phone and call the agents if you have questions. Please don't use Western Union and be aware of the value of your money for the apartment you are being proposed. No, it is not likely that you will get an apartment in the 7th in front of the Eiffel Tower for 500 euros per week. You can't always compare what you get at home with what you'll get in Paris so it pays to shop around.

The rewarding experience of beeing in Paris

Once you've gotten past the fear and found your perfect home away from home, the rewarding experience of waking up at your leisure (no maid service - unless you've requested it, to kick you out), you can stroll over to the boulangerie and pick up today's croissants for the family, bring it back home and brew some coffee or espresso in the kitchen to get you awake and over that jet lag. Pull out your trusty map book or hop on the computer to visit the site to figure out how you get from your Montmartre apartment to the Eiffel Tower. Discover the buses and be fearless as you board the bus with bus map book in hand and are gazing out the window on what has to be the cheapest tour in Paris.

Local knowledge is key

Rentals in Paris are generally provided by locals - at least the ones worth considering (in my humble opinion) - people with local knowledge who can suggest to you the best French restaurants within minutes walk from your apartment or where to catch some live music or countless other pieces of information that may not be in your Rick Steves.

Over all renting an apartment in Paris can be a delightful experience and give you much insight into the culture, the people and daily life. You just have to learn to use it to your advantage and take it all in stride.