Enjoying Winter in Paris

Thinking about visiting Paris in the Winter? The City of Light is wonderful to visit year-round. There is always something to see in Paris and Winter is no less interesting than the Spring, Summer or Fall. Check out some of the reasons why we think Paris is always a good idea.

There are many reasons why Winter in Paris can be just as agreeable as any other season and it's not because the weather is cold that the city is drab. 

Restaurants have less crowds

Visiting during Winter in Paris means, hot chocolate at Angelina, one of Paris' famous tea salons. it means the Galette des Rois in January for the Epiphany. It means less crowds, and some dramatic photos. It's also easier to get into some amazing restaurants which often require reservations months in advance. 

Yes, we know it rains in Paris in the Winter, but as the song says, "I love Paris in the Winter when it drizzles". Paris is always a good idea as Audrey Hepburn said so well. There is always something going on in the city of light and Paris in the Winter would never stop a true Paris lover. Come for the art, come for the music, come for the food. 

You can enjoy your cozy home

Booking an apartment during your Winter in Paris holiday is another great idea when trip planning. If the weather proves too difficult you can cozy up in your own home away from home and enjoy a few hours in, lounging in your living room and planning your next day's explorations.

Here are just a few things to enrich your agenda while planning your holiday this Winter in Paris. 

Sunrise - In the Winter no need to get up too early to catch the sunrise and if youare staying at an apartment on or near the Butte de Montmartre you can catch some spectacular views.

Events and activities to do in winter

Chinese New Year celebrations-  Every February you don't want to miss the opening and closing parades for the Chinese New Year's celebrations.

Carnival de Paris- in February or March each year. You don't want to miss the color and fanfare of the Carnaval de Paris. 

Museum visits - When the weather is bright and sunny you may prefer to be outside but you certainly don't want to miss the fabulous Paris museums that are open year-round, so what better time to do so that during Winter in Paris

French Cooking Classes in English - It's cold and wet outside, then why not experience a big part of French culture through its food. Take a bread baking class, a French desserts class or even a market class and enjoy. Year-round.

Texworld - 700 fabric manufacturers from 27 countries brought together in Paris for a must go to show for the fashion world

Paris Fashion week - In January and February from Men's Wear, to Haute Couture & Ready to Wear. Paris isn't the Fashion capital for nothing

PSG (Paris Saint Germain) - Catch one of France's top foot ball teams in a home game throughout the Winter.

For more things to do in Paris year-round, be sure to visit the Paris tourist bureau's website.

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